Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween for tomorrow. I made a few Halloween cards for a few of my favorite people, hopefully they have recieved them by now.

Tonight I puttered around with my sewing machine and some fabric. I am on the hunt for some simple sewing projects to work on. I was working on a little keychain for my sister. It turned out to be a bit more fiddley than expected, but I think it came out okay. She can slip it over her wrist, if her hands are full.
I have a few other sewing projects swirling around my I'll probably have some more of that to share sometime this weekend. I have a few other papercrafting things on the go to, so hopefully its a good crafting weekend. We dont have much else planned, but I did convince my sister to drive me to a fabric store tomorrow..hopefully that will be inspiring! Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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