Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sticking to the schedule

I've decided to buckle down, and start actually getting things done, rather than just thinking about doing things. Tonight I've been making some typography prints and stuff for my house (this is house week, since the housewarming is on Sunday). I've been having so much fun, I need to make more time for illustrator in my life.
Thats all. Just wanted to share this gorgeous photo I took in Costa Rica, with one of my favorite quotes, that is going to hang above my bed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

a blank canvas

I have this ugly (and huge) electrical panel in my hallway, that needs to be diguised before the housewarming this weekend. I couldn't find any solutions I was happy with, so I bought this large blank canvas 24 x 36. I had some inspiration from here.

So I had a large intimidating, blank canvas, a bit of inspiration, and a busy week to get this done.

I bought these decals from Ikea a couple of years ago, and finally put them on my kitchen wall on Saturday. As my boyfriend was helping me (the decal process involved a lot more drinking and swearing than I had expected), he suggested I use the "negative" part of the decal to paint on my canvas. UM - brilliant, I love it. Then it will be all matchy matchy. And I love that it was his idea.
My mantra for the next few weeks: Just do it. No longer spend weeks procrastinating and planning in my mind. Just throw paint at the canvas and get it done.

So with just a little bit of planning, I started painting. My plan changed about a gazillion times for my words, how I was going to do them and what I was going to say. But, I love it. I also love that I started it right away, and finished it right away. Without procrastination or stress. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to add more flowers. But that's the beauty of paint and canvas.

Its not a work of art, its just stenciling. But it makes me happy. So much happier than an electrical panel. I'm just waiting for my man servant to come to hang it up for me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

a pretty wonderful weekend

Yoga, swimming, bacon, alpine bakery bread, dog walks, best friends, photo booths, blank canvas, malibu, rockband, new sharpies, inspiration, all sorts of good stuff.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ignoring the "to do list"

I was a bit grumpy and stressed yesterday. So today, I ignored my "to do" list of housestuff to get done before my housewarming party next weekend, and I just painted.

And it makes me happy.

My house invites also make me happy.

Looking forward to yoga, dog walks, pizza phone date, hot tubbing, doodling, and hopefully, a photobooth this weekend.
*Sigh* and maybe some of the house stuff on my list.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

doodling and surface design

This started out as the first technique from Alisa Burkes online class, a few weeks ago. I did a print on paper and on fabric. I was really happy with them.

The other day I needed a quick note card or something to send off, so I grabbed this piece of paper, and started adding to it.

Simple and mindless, but addicting. I was so happy with it in the end. I had to doodle all over my envelope too.

Then today, I got the paints out and added to my fabric piece. Happiness. Addicting.

At this half-doodled stage, and can totally see that I love what the doodles add.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

makes my heart sing

Sigh. Painting fabric makes my heart sing. doodling with sharpie makes my heart sing. glue makes my heart sing. Alisa Burkes online class, Below the Surface, makes my heart sing.

I started my piece of fabric a couple of nights ago, with my flower doodles to let the first layer dry. As I was getting ready to start working again (and by get ready, I mean reading blogs and spending too much time on the internet), I turned around to find my dog (who hates looking at the camera), sitting very innocently on my fabric. Good thing the glue was dry.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

more fabric playing

This weekend I've been playing more with some of the techniques from Alisa Burke's online class. I finished this piece of fabric that I am really happy with.

I got started on another piece to make as a gift for a friend, I'm impatiently waiting for it to dry.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

playing and doodles

Not much too exciting going on in my messy little studio these days. Trying to find lots of time to play along with Alisa Burke's online class. So much inspiration, so little time.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

plastic bag happiness

I started working on this fused plastic bag a few weeks ago when my sewing machine decided to die. I finally got it finished today. I discovered the added happiness of using paper fused between clear plastic, which makes me happy. So I made my leaves out of patterned scrapbooking paper. Joy.

I always said life is too short to make your own bias tape...but whadya know? It wasn't that bad.

I'm off to start on my next bag! Hope you are having a fabulous long weekend, thanks for visiting!