Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sticking to the schedule

I've decided to buckle down, and start actually getting things done, rather than just thinking about doing things. Tonight I've been making some typography prints and stuff for my house (this is house week, since the housewarming is on Sunday). I've been having so much fun, I need to make more time for illustrator in my life.
Thats all. Just wanted to share this gorgeous photo I took in Costa Rica, with one of my favorite quotes, that is going to hang above my bed.

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  1. Hi Briana!
    Things are looking great! Yes sometimes we just need to jump in and make things rather than planning and replanning how we are going to do it... the Live With Passion creation looks great, as does the poster above. Can't wait to see your place....sorry I can't make the housewarming party!