Thursday, September 22, 2011

ignoring the "to do list"

I was a bit grumpy and stressed yesterday. So today, I ignored my "to do" list of housestuff to get done before my housewarming party next weekend, and I just painted.

And it makes me happy.

My house invites also make me happy.

Looking forward to yoga, dog walks, pizza phone date, hot tubbing, doodling, and hopefully, a photobooth this weekend.
*Sigh* and maybe some of the house stuff on my list.


  1. Hi Briana! I too have ignoring my "to do" list... even my creative 'to do' list is not getting done. I better get on it though, as the sale out here is November 17.... are you coming????

  2. hopefully - as long as I havent missed registration or anything yet. Which means I better get working too! Talk to you soon!