Monday, September 26, 2011

a blank canvas

I have this ugly (and huge) electrical panel in my hallway, that needs to be diguised before the housewarming this weekend. I couldn't find any solutions I was happy with, so I bought this large blank canvas 24 x 36. I had some inspiration from here.

So I had a large intimidating, blank canvas, a bit of inspiration, and a busy week to get this done.

I bought these decals from Ikea a couple of years ago, and finally put them on my kitchen wall on Saturday. As my boyfriend was helping me (the decal process involved a lot more drinking and swearing than I had expected), he suggested I use the "negative" part of the decal to paint on my canvas. UM - brilliant, I love it. Then it will be all matchy matchy. And I love that it was his idea.
My mantra for the next few weeks: Just do it. No longer spend weeks procrastinating and planning in my mind. Just throw paint at the canvas and get it done.

So with just a little bit of planning, I started painting. My plan changed about a gazillion times for my words, how I was going to do them and what I was going to say. But, I love it. I also love that I started it right away, and finished it right away. Without procrastination or stress. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to add more flowers. But that's the beauty of paint and canvas.

Its not a work of art, its just stenciling. But it makes me happy. So much happier than an electrical panel. I'm just waiting for my man servant to come to hang it up for me.

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