Tuesday, June 14, 2011

playing pastels

My mom and I downloaded Donna Downey's Pan Pastel 101 Class and played pastels. We both watched the video with our mouths hanging open in amazement at Donna's ability to create an amazing piece of artwork. Inspired.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Life is going very well for me right now. Happiness.

Today I just needed to create something. I gathered some pieces of mesh, a pop bottle lid, an empty packet of pills, bubble wrap and a piece of plastic bag, as well as a couple of handcarved stamps and just started playing. I used pan pastels (the love of my life), alchohol inks, regular inks, chalk inks, acrylic paints and just played.

Then I was interrupted, and spent my afternoon babysitting this little face. Nothing really got done (well I did carve a stamp while he slept on my lap), but sometimes you just have to spend the afternoon playing with a puppy. Even though it wasn't on the to do list.

I did get back to my creative play (after a run in the rain and sunshine, what a great combination), and wound up with this. I am still searching through my books for either "Find" "Create" or "Make" to put at the beginning of my words.

Maybe tomorrow I will have time to play more with this creation. Or maybe, life will get in the way again, and it will be postponed to later this week. We shall see. I hope you are having a fantabulous weekend. Thanks for visiting!