Tuesday, October 4, 2011

random tuesday

I haven't had much time to get my studio all messed up again since the housewarming, so nothing really crafty to share. The housewarming went over well, with perhaps a bit too much wine consumed.

On Saturday (my cleaning for housewarming day), I delayed my studio cleaning till last. This was the mess I faced.

I was already exhausted from cleaning, and barely made it though. It turned out okay in the end. And by okay, I mean, a lot of things got stuffed in random drawers, probably never to be seen again. But I'm okay with that, because everyone loved my studio.

And, I bought an ipad. I am loving discovering the digital world of doodle-ling and the digital sketching and drawing apps that they have. And my upcoming two day travel time to get to Africa now seems so much shorter.

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