Sunday, October 30, 2011

well that looks...interesting

Not appetizing really. Its supposed to be "White Chocolate Fudge Bars".

I learned a few things this morning while doing my "monthly, bake something new challenge".

First of all, the timer on my oven is really not loud enough for me to hear when I am working on my computer in another room, while my dad is using power tools in the basement. It's a measly beep. And when you finally realize what that little beep noise is, there is no way of knowing how long the timer has been going off for. But, I still don't think they we're burned.

Second of all - if there is no cocoa or chocolate chips in the recipe, its probably not going to come out very chocolatey. Even if it looks chocolately in the picture.

Thirdly - Apparently I've inherited none of the baking skill from either of my grandmas.

But, I ate one. It didn't really taste like anything much. Definitely not the delicious treat I was hoping for.

I've been doing lots of creating this weekend, but mostly digital stuff, so it doesn't really feel like I've got anything accomplished until I can pick it up from the printers.


  1. Well I think they look yummy, and feeling a bit snackish at the moment would be very happy to join you for one!
    Looking forward to seeing your digital creations...I have been busy making earrings today - I am hoping you are makins some cards for the sale...what else are you making. Probably not white chocolate fudge bars eh? A bit more practice and I am sure your baking wll be just fine! Remember your grandma's have had years of practice!

  2. The fudge bars are absolutely delicious! I will eat them all!

    Mike Fradette