Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paper Bag Princess

Well for those of you who dont know, I am completely obsessed with all forms of paper bags...I've just realized that I used paper bags in all my projects I am sharing today!

Hello! Well its finally Thursday again, so I have time to be crafty and actually post it! It has been a crazy week at work, which has been sucking away most of my energy. Anyways, I have a few things to share today.

Since it is *almost* Halloween, I decided to share the little treats me and my sister have been working on. I love these little brown paper bags (they come in white too) from Walmart. I thought they would be perfect and easy, to decorate the fronts for Halloween. So that's what we've been doing. I made eight bags for my coworkers. My sister made 5 for her school friends, here are our bags all together :)

Today I wanted to package up a "just because" gift for my sister. No special occasion, just because. I bought this little tile thing in the summer, thought it would be the perfect thing for today. I decided to decorate it with one of my favorite styles, its great for using little scraps. Just find a few shades of the same color, and lay them out together in a row, I usually go from dark - light but it depends, then stamp a flower or something basic over it. Simple, but I am always happy with how it looks. On this one I white embossed the flowers. I like it with the little white paper bag.
So as I mentioned, this has been a crazy, difficult work at week. The only thing that got me through was my coworkers (okay, and also the fact that I have no other job to go to, and I haven't won the lottery - yet). My boss, Maria, was quite useful and supportive this week (yes I know that is her job) so I wanted to give her something tiny to know that it is appreciated. So often (especially in my job) you work so hard for little/no rewards or acknowledgement, so I wanted her to know that her help was appreciated.

So I have been loving the paper bags lately, because they are cheap and you can do like a million things with them! For this I cut the front off a paper bag, cut it down to the size I wanted it, and then ran it through my cuttlebug to emboss the swirls on it. Then I took it to my sewing machine and sewed it into a little pouchy envelope. My sentiment is from the 1.50 bin at Michaels, and it is just so Maria. She is always on these diets where all she is allowed to eat is spinach, but she is such a chocoholic, that we always catch her sneaking off to get a chocolate bar. I know it will make her laugh...and after the week we've had...that is good! I bought the little Bliss chocolate pouches at dollarama, and one package of four fits beautifully in my little pouch. Decorated, and tied shut with ribbon. You will be seeing more of these little paper bag pouches for sure...I already have another one but I cant share it just yet. ANyways, I love them! Well that is all of my craftiness for the day. Thanks for visiting. I will be sharing some more halloween ish stuff tomorrow or Saturday!

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  1. I knew I should check your blog on THursday! I hope you had a good day off - it looks like it was pretty productive! I love the paper bag stuff - I wanted to look closer at the chocolate pouch, but it wouldn't let me enlarge it. It looks great though - I love sewing on paper, it is sooooo much easier than fabric. Your halloween treat bags look wonderful! as does your just because gift for the sister..say hi to her for me. The girls were supposed to go to Dawson for volleyball today, but the bus turned around as the roads were too slippery.... they should be home any minute now. Have a good week!