Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween. Hope you are having a good Saturday. We had a pretty quiet halloween around here. I have one project to share that I worked on tonight.

First of all, here is me and my sister in our pj's enjoying our Halloween banana splits on the couch, with our Nightmare before christmas jack-o-latern (much easier and cleaner than carving your own).

Today my sister and I went out to Fabricland, where I got a few new fabrics, as well as some wonderfull goodies from a few dollar stores and finally walmart (some more fabric). Here are my new fabric treasures.
So here is my project for this evening. Can you guess what it is? I put the globe there as a clue...

It's a little travel wallet to hold my passport, a few dollars, and anything else I want to be able to grab quickly out of my carry on bag. Depending on where I am travelling to, I often dont use my regular wallet, especially on airport days. This way, my important stuff isn't loose in my carry on, and its something small and cute I can grab and have with me. I have a bulky leather travel wallet from work, but I want something smaller, that I will actually use.

Here it is, all unfolded. There are three seperate little pouches, for whatever I need with me.

To keep it closed, I wanted something simple (my sewing skills are pretty basic) so at the dollar store today I found these little stick on velcro circles. I wasn't sure if the adhesive on them would be strong enough, but they work great.

The sewing went pretty well this evening. I sketched it all out, and made sure I knew what I was doing, before I did it (so that I didn't sew it inside out or something!)

Thats all I have to share. Didn't do much papercrafty today...hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hi Briana (& Kristin)
    Love the little passport pouch! great job! It was nice talking to you last night. If we are here for Christmas we will definitely have to do a crafting day. The banana splits look great too... back to work for me on Tuesday. my to do list is long for tomorrow, so maybe I will get a start on it tonight. ttfn