Friday, June 28, 2013

recap of 24

24 -
Some things were harder than expected. Some things didn't turn out at all how I expected. Many unexpected things happened. I won a contest. I got a puppy. I got a spontaneous haircut. I went to South America. I went to a funeral. I created a lot of patterns. I got a henna tattoo. I got a real tattoo. I climbed a tree.

Not all of the things on the list got done. 100 push ups is too many. I tried really hard to run 5km in 30 minutes, but the best I could do was about 4.25km. The pallets are still sitting on my deck.

1. Shoot a gun
2. Run 5km in 30 minutes
3. Sell something in a store
4. Donate blood
5. Run through a sprinkler
6. Go to Asia
7. Dance
8. Take a Polaroid photo
9. Hike the Chilkoot

10. Camp under the stars
11. Go to Seattle
12. Build a snow fort
13. Go on a road trip
14. Volunteer
15. Jump
16. Sew something to wear
17. Build something with pallets
18. Take a kickboxing class
19. Do 100 push ups
20. Have a photo shoot
21. Swim
22. Be a better travel agent
23. Prepare a four course meal
24. Learn 50 words in Portuguese

 And some of my favorite pictures from the year
Tomorrow I'm posting my list of 25 - and celebrating my birthday on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand!

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