Friday, June 14, 2013

#4 - Donate Blood

So when I put this on my list I didn't know that you can't even donate blood in the whole territory where I live. The nearest place to donate blood is either a 850 mile drive, or a 2 hour flight to Vancouver.

I had a long layover in Vancouver, so I booked my appointment. I hopped on the skytrain and went downtown. I got my "1st Time Donor" sticker. They tested my iron. They took my blood pressure. And then they took my pulse. And they took it again and again. Finally it was decided for me that I would not be donating blood because my pulse was above the "normal" range. And I was really disappointed.

I'll try again the next time I'm in a large city, but for now I've registered for the stem cell and marrow database. I've sent off my swabs, and I'm crossing this one off my list.

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