Saturday, June 29, 2013

25 List

I wanted 25 to be more a way of life. I don't want it to be me scrambling to cross big things off my list in the last couple of months. It's all about the simple things. My mantra for the year is to live with less. Less stuff. Less stress. Simplify. Carve out a more peaceful life.

So here it is...and happy birthday to me!
  1. improve my 5k time
  2. Take a drawing class
  3. explore a new city
  4. go surfing
  5. make real hot cocoa
  6. drink sangria
  7. make salad dressing from scratch
  8. Take a staycation
  9. Get a design *out there*
  10. do something spontaneous
  11. do yoga daily for one month
  12. read seven deadly sins
  13. make a fire
  14. declutter studio
  15. slip n'slide
  16. paint a big canvas
  17. make ice cream
  18. clean out my closet
  19. screenprint something
  20. chinup
  21. draw a self portrait
  22. finish my quilt
  23. ride a bike
  24. live with less
  25. grow something

1 comment:

  1. Love your list!!! I too am working towards simplification - really tough with Uncle Nick!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. . .see you soon!