Sunday, June 9, 2013


All of a sudden, for no real reason, I had an overwhelming need to learn to draw people.

And I needed to start right away. All of the other projects I had on the go seemed less exciting. So I started searching online for online classes with artists I admire.

I love the work and online classes of Jane Davenport and Tamara Laporte. Carla Sonheim has some super fun looking online classes. I love Micki Wilde's style. I adore Kim Henkel's stunning drawings. To get started, I choose Kat can Paint's Lets Draw! Glamorous Faces miniclass. I like it because its a PDF that I can take with me on my upcoming travels to practice, practice, practice.

My first faces.

When I am back from my travels in July, I think I will move on to either Fabulous Faces or The Whimsical Face.

Do you have a favorite artist who draws amazing faces? Please share!


  1. I know that feeling well Briana... I too had to learn how to draw faces... I am still learning, but the need to do it is not so great anymore. One of my favourite face artists is Misty Mawn. I have taken a couple of on line courses from her and a couple of courses in person (not just on faces, but always incorporating faces in some way or another) She can be found here.
    One day we should get together and create some faces together. That is if you ever stay home long enough. Enjoy your travels!

  2. Thanks for the link, I will have a closer look at Misty Mawn! Yes it feels like ages since I've seen you, sometime this summer I need to get out there for a good visit. Will have to coordinate with when you have some spare time!