Monday, June 3, 2013

Create Retreat

Get the Lead Out - Pam Carriker
This was an evening class, so time was short and in order to learn the techniques, everyone in the class did a collage, with eggs. I think I would have enjoyed this class more if it was a longer class, so I had time to put my own take on it. I am looking forward to trying out some of the techniques at home, so I can make it more 'my style'

Pigments of Your Immagination - Cathy Taylor
This is a fun, playful, class which involves splattering cleaning products on National Geographic magazines. Magically, the product lifts the colors and creates wonderful swirls and patterns. From there you can use more product to remove more ink, and manipulate the colors, to add other paint etc. Beautiful and fun.

Watercolor Fusion - Helen Shafer Garcia
This was a difficult class for me, as I didn't have a full concept of all of the steps, so the paintings I did wern't the best for the techniques that we used. I did love using the soft lead pencil to add lines and details into wet watercolor. I do plan to play with the techniques again very soon, with a better idea of the steps. (I don't even have any photos to share yet, but hopefully once I play a bit more with some of the techniques I will have some to share)

Polyester Plate Printing - Pam Carriker
My favorite class, since any form of printmaking seems to be my passion. This is truly an amazing process using these magical "plates" (which just look like a piece of paper), doodling your designs, and printing. This is defintely one that I will be continuing to play with, and I will share more of the process when I have the supplies. It really is an amazing technique.

(Bottom is my printing plate, and the top images are prints from my plates)
Artful Lettering - Joanne Sharpe
By this point, we were tired. But this was a fun, simple class of techniques for different doodling and lettering styles. Very fun, very simple, and a good reminder to practice and play with the simple techniques.

At the end, I was very inspired, but tired. I had five great days with my mom, soaking up some warmth in Southern California. And we even climbed some beautiful trees.

We are already looking forward to whereever our next creative adventure takes us.

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  1. OOHHH... looks like loads of fun and learning! I just had a visit with your mom and saw her wonderful creations too! These classes often are just the start of exploration, and I look forward to seeing more items they may inspire.