Saturday, December 29, 2012

spring seedlings

Spring is still a long way off in my corner of the world, but this mini collection of spring seedlings has been in my head for a while.
In the forests of Brazil, I spotted this plant. I was in love with the collection of little circles, with the smaller little circles inside, and right away they became seed pods in my mind.

 I sketched and resketched my interpretation of these pods.

Until they finally became part of this little spring seedlings collection. I dont love the tree, but the rest of them I'm pretty happy with.


  1. I love these, they are beeeeautiful!

  2. I too LOVE these! Love the colours, love the shapes, love the different depth and bits and pieces. I think the tree would be lovely surrounded by the other materials on a quilt or a bag or place mats or pillow cases or so very many thing. Yes very beeeeautiful!