Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today we headed off down the highway, christmas tree hunting. I was a bit hestitant about this. I know when I was really little my dad took us out to get a real tree, but ever since then, they've just magically appeared in my families living room, ready to be decorated.
Trucking through the snow, cutting a tree, and forcing it into a vehicle all sounded like a lot more effort than I normally give. But in the end, we succedded. Only a few tears were shed, and only one ornament shattered.
And I actually quite like her more than the "perfect" trees. I'm feeling less grinch-like already.

Today amidst many other christmasy things, I took a little time to make a little moose couple, under the mistletoe.
 But I actually think I like him better as a bachelor moose. Something about the lady moose is just a bit off.
Now onto christmas parties, and other christmas-y things.  


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  1. HI Briana! I love your Christmas tree. It looks perfect to me. Nick and I went and got ours the other day. As I don't think any Yukon grown tree is the storybook Christmas tree, our tree looks similar to yours.... except it is TALL.. about 12 feet. Nick thinks it isn't good enough, but I love it. I will try to post a picture when we get the decorations on... but hopefully you will come and see it in person at Christmas time. I also LOVE your moose - both of them. Perhaps you should give the female one her own sheet of paper as I think she would look just fine then too! See you soon!