Monday, September 21, 2009


Welcome to my blog! After much debate and procrastination I finally decided to join the blogging world as a way to share my scrapbooking, card making, and general papercrafts. I will share lots of pictures, that will hopefully inspire you in some way, as well as any general rants or crafting adventures and maybe some recipes from my sister now and then. So here we go!

So a few weeks ago on the phone, I boasted to my mom (an experienced sewer and quilter) that I was thinking of buying a simple sewing machine to add some stitching to my cards. Well she informed me that she still had her old sewing machine. I knew this sewing machine was nothing special, and I'm sure its older than I am. But we decided that was perfect to start, so she would bring it down with her when my parents drove to visit me. One night while my mom was visiting she gave me the 20 minute briefing on "how to sew". Seemed quite simple - I can handle this. So last night I decide to add some simple stitching to my cards. I get my cards all set and ready for a simple sewing adventure. I sew two stitches, and my thread is so knotted up I have to rip my card to get it out. Hmm...interesting. I cut the edge of my card off, and decide to start over. This time I practice on a scrap of paper...goes perfectly. I do get one card stitched all the way around, mostly perfectly. Quite happy with the outcome. I decide to start on my second card...but the needle has come unthreaded. I re-thread it, and I'm pretty confident I did it right. I sew a few stitches, but then I realize that my needle is not actually sewing, only poking holes in my paper. hmm. I pull my paper out to investigate. I have 4 threads coming up from the bottom...I dont think it is supposed to be like that. I decide I will just put this card on another layer of cardstock for a background. Thats enough sewing for me. I think I will wait for my mom to come back for another visit...and another lesson. Anyways, those were my halloween cards, so I will wait and post those closer to Halloween.

Today I have some pictures to share, this is a little box I made a few months ago to hold a cupcake for a friends birthday. It has a clear acetate lid, and the inside insert has a scallop circle nestability punched to hold my cupcake in place.
I made this card for my sisters birthday. Typed the sentiment up on the computer and stamped some flowers in different colors and cut and layered them, a few rhinestones to add some pop.
I made this little box for some gifts I brought back for a friend from Costa Rica.

Hmm...I just noticed all my first pictures are pink - yes I do like pink, but I do use other colors.

Yup so thats my first post. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by!

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