Saturday, December 29, 2012

spring seedlings

Spring is still a long way off in my corner of the world, but this mini collection of spring seedlings has been in my head for a while.
In the forests of Brazil, I spotted this plant. I was in love with the collection of little circles, with the smaller little circles inside, and right away they became seed pods in my mind.

 I sketched and resketched my interpretation of these pods.

Until they finally became part of this little spring seedlings collection. I dont love the tree, but the rest of them I'm pretty happy with.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Today we headed off down the highway, christmas tree hunting. I was a bit hestitant about this. I know when I was really little my dad took us out to get a real tree, but ever since then, they've just magically appeared in my families living room, ready to be decorated.
Trucking through the snow, cutting a tree, and forcing it into a vehicle all sounded like a lot more effort than I normally give. But in the end, we succedded. Only a few tears were shed, and only one ornament shattered.
And I actually quite like her more than the "perfect" trees. I'm feeling less grinch-like already.

Today amidst many other christmasy things, I took a little time to make a little moose couple, under the mistletoe.
 But I actually think I like him better as a bachelor moose. Something about the lady moose is just a bit off.
Now onto christmas parties, and other christmas-y things.  


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm still here, and still busily creating. I am working on many things, but most aren't ready to be shared yet.

I thought I would share my Christmas cards. They are the same designs I sold last year at the craft fair, and in laziness this year I am using the same cards. I modified them down to a smaller rectangle instead of the larger square.

Some of my snowflake designs printed out and ready for wrapping up some gifts:

The snow drift I discovered at my door last weekend when I went to leave the house:

And some little quick digi things: 


Saturday, December 1, 2012

calendar and fat quarter love

Seeing all of the gorgeous 2013 Calendars popping up online inspired me to whip one up. Realistically, we're not very good calendar people. We don't keep track of things on the calendar, but its nice to have a quick glance at a calendar now and then. So I'll hang this one up on the fridge. Love it. 

Back in October Spoonflower had a sale on fat quarters, I decided to try ordering two designs I had on hand, to see how they came out.

 I dont really love my leaf pattern, but my sister seems to, so I figured I better try it out.

This is one of my favorite patterns, and I am loving having it as a fabric. Smitten.
In March I had ordered some in their Heavy Cotton Twill, and I was pretty devastated with the results after I washed it. I rushed one of my fat quarters into the laundry straight away, so I could see the results. Its still drying, but it looks so much better than the heavy cotton twill.