Friday, June 29, 2012


23 was a good year. Today was a pretty fantastic last day at 23. The year brought more travel than I expected. Huge changes I didn't see coming. Guacamole sandwiches. Near death experiences. Climbing waterfalls. Good stuff. 

In 24 I am looking forward to just as much travel. And to do more. Just get up and go. Paint. Make mistakes. Spend less time figuring out how I want to do it. And just do it.

Its starting off tomorrow with mimosas and crepes. We'll see where the day goes from there.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

winding up 23

Today is my last day at 23. I have been busy putting together my accomplishments from this past year, and gearing up for 24.


There were breathtaking moments. Heartbreaking moments. Moments that almost killed me.
Not all the things on the list got done. Not enough Spanish was learned or baking done.
Some pretty amazing things that weren’t on the list happened. I went scuba diving.
I saw the mountain gorillas. I discovered letterpress. I swam under a waterfall.

  1. Run 5 km
  2. Go on safari 
  3. Sell at a craft fair
  4. Take one picture on manual mode every month - Some months this happened, but the reality is I'm not any better at getting it done than I was a year ago. 
  5. go parasailing
  6. Give back
  7. Cook or bake something new every month
  8. get fake nails
  9. Organize your life - A bit of organization happened, but there is such a long way to go
  10. create an etsy store - I sort of lost enthusiasm for this one. Perhaps that excitement will come back again one day. 
  11. eat more fruits and vegetables - I could have done better at this. But I was aware of it, and made an effort to change. 
  12. drive standard - This, quite simply, just seemed like too much work 
  13. go to san francisco -  I'm crossing this off because the trip is booked, and we head out in two weeks. 
  14. go rafting 
  15. have flowers every month
  16. read a new book every month
  17. learn 5 spanish words a month
  18. go to the spa
  19. hike the chilkoot - this is moving to next years list
  20. try out buddhism
  21. get into a first class lounge
  22. go rockclimbing
  23. have a picnic
So 15/23 done. Not bad. Next year is going to be even better! 

The List of 24 will be up tomorrow!