Wednesday, February 26, 2014

she flies through the air

In Maui, I climbed to the top of a very high ladder, to a very small platform, I stretched way out and grabbed a heavy bar, I bent my knees, someone yelled "HUP", and I jumped from my platform, and flew through the air on the flying trapeze. (I also screamed the whole way).
This was one of the funnest, most amazing things I've ever done, and I highly recommend running away and joining the circus!

 And here is a little graphic I've made up, inspired by my favorite photo, and a quote that I now adore.
And, here it is on some lovely products in my Society 6 shop


  1. You are so very brave in so many ways! Braveness is worth it! Your graphic looks great - I especially love it on the T shirt!