Sunday, February 23, 2014

i am here

I escaped to Maui for a while, but now I am back. I am struggling to find the time and perseverance to finish anything these days. I have canvas's waiting to be painted, and a quilt waiting to be quilted. I have a drawing class with Jane Davenport calling my name. I have designs half finished, while others still sit in my sketchbook.

I think I need a new plan, a new way to prioritize and make more things happen. I need to start just getting sh*t done. 

And on that note, I'd thought I'd share where I'm at on my 25 list. As I also need to make things happening there.

25 list:
  1. improve my 5k time
  2. Take a drawing class
  3. explore a new city
  4. go surfing
  5. make real hot cocoa
  6. drink sangria
  7. make salad dressing from scratch
  8. Take a staycation
  9. Get a design *out there*
  10. do something spontaneous
  11. do yoga daily for one month
  12. read seven deadly sins
  13. make a fire
  14. declutter studio
  15. slip n'slide
  16. paint a big canvas
  17. make ice cream
  18. clean out my closet
  19. screenprint something
  20. chinup
  21. draw a self portrait
  22. finish my quilt
  23. ride a bike
  24. live with less
  25. grow something
Hopefully I'll be back soon with some lovely things. 

1 comment:

  1. I think there must be something in the air stopping creative productivity because I too can't seem to get anything done. Maybe this weekend something will happen.