Thursday, January 13, 2011

birch trees

happy thursday!
I really like birch trees. When I have my own yard I want to have many birch trees.
I sketched some the other night

then I painted them with watercolors.

Then I sketched them in illustrator. And then I added a cardinal.


  1. Lovely drawing and painting, and your illustrator rendition with the cardinal is superb! You have a wonderful eye for design layout - but I knew that already with your amazing scrapbook pages! Keep on creating!


  2. They look great - love how they have turned out in illustrator.

  3. That's exactly the kind of illustration I love! I don't work with Illustator, but I guess you created the birches and the bird as vectors, didn't you? Great job for sure!

    If you want to meet a bunch of friendly people who all love digital art, please be sure to check out this group.

    Happy creating,

    PS: I will now sign up as follower, as I surely want to see more of your great sketches and illustrations in future. :)