Wednesday, June 16, 2010

European treasures

Good Morning! Well I am back and slowly settle-ing back into creativity. I've had tons of ideas floating around in my head while I've been away and I am excited to start creating. I visited a few amazing papershops while I was in Europe and brought home some treasures.

I also found some beautiful envelopes and little many treasures! Tomorrow is my day off so I cant wait to have some time to play.

Also, a quick thank you card I made up for fathers day.

Thanks for visiting, happy hump day!

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  1. Hello Briana - and welcome home! I am glad you had a great time, and came home not with wonderful memories, but some treasures, and ideas to create. I have had four days off, and have been using some of it to create... now I am off to visit the grandparents with a happy fathers day card in hand. Your card looks great. Take Care - be seeing you soon - YIPPEE