Saturday, October 13, 2012

an unnamed flower doodle

I am in between module 1 & 2 of my pattern design class and I am almost loving this break time as much as the class time. I have time to go back to patterns that I began during the class, and either rework them, or take the time to create the technical repeats in Illustrator. And to work on designs that have been forming in mind. 

This is one of my favorite patterns I've done yet. But I haven't been able to dream up a name for her yet. 


  1. Briana - THis pattern is GORGEOUS!!! I love it. Beautiful pattern and I love the colours you have chosen. You are so very talented!

  2. Just discovered your work and blog via the Do What You Love blog.. your drawings and patterns are gorgeous. I just finished Mod 3 of ABSPD, enjoy the rest of the course!