Tuesday, March 13, 2012

do what makes your heart sing


I took a long weekend this weekend, and escaped by myself to Edmonton, SNAP, and the luxury of the Hotel MacDonald. 
I shopped. I ate my favorite "city foods". I drank my favorite "city drinks". I enjoyed the city I used to call home. And best of all, I spent a weekend learning the basics of letterpress. 
On day 1 we set up some lines of type and learned the basics of doing that, and ran our first prints. 
We took home two linoleum blocks and carved 2 designs, to be printed on top of each other in 2 colors. On the second day we worked with the complicated matter of setting up the press with a more complicated design and ran it first through in our first color (red), then we switched out the press to our next block and our text, to be printed. We ran those through on top. 
It was a great class. Its an amazing studio. I am so intrigued by letterpress. And SNAP's really cheap studio rental rates. I loved it. My mind is brewing letterpress ideas. 
I did what makes my heart sing. I find when there are no dishes to do, no work, no meals to prepare, my heart has time and freedom to sing so loudly. And I love it. 
except...now I am back to work, and dishes, and cooking my own meals...

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