Friday, August 12, 2011

Bloom - The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

When I signed up for the Stitched Postcard Swap in July, August 14th seemed like so far away so I instantly forgot all about it. All of a sudden this week, I had a deadline looming and no inspiration. As soon as I saw this years theme was "Bloom", the words "bloom where you're planted" came to my mind. Yesterday morning, I got up early before work to get this started, since it needs to be mailed off today. I handwrote my words in black ultra fine sharpie on a piece of blank white paper. I took a picture of it. I brought that picture into my illustrator program, and turned my handwritten words into a graphic that can be manipulated and resized. I want to play with this more as a way of incorporating my handwriting into my projects.
Once I was happy with my sizing, I printed off on a piece of paper. I sketched out a couple quick flower doodles, and poked holes all the way through my doodle, to hand embroider my flower. Last night I was frantically running out of time. I was stressing. So I embroidered only one of my flowers, and just doodled the rest. Maybe not as great as it was in my mind. But here it is, ready to go off to Atlanta GA this morning.


  1. Well I think it looks very lovely, and would be thrilled to get it. I finished mine last week,and mailed it to the UK but haven't put it on my blog yet...I should do that soon. I also can't wait to see your finished flamingo, and what is going to happen with the socks - and am of course loving the elephant graphic!

  2. Your lovely card arrived safe and sound! Thanks Briana!

  3. I think it is lovely too! Loving the handwriting addition