Wednesday, August 31, 2011

23 Update: August

Wow I cant believe August is already over. Which means fall is on its way.

1. Train to run 5K - Ran my 2km 6 times this month (as long as I do my last August run tonight)

4. Take one picture on manual mode every month - I took pictures of mushrooms this month. I love them

7. Cook or bake something new every month - I cooked this. It was easy and yummy. And barely made any dishes dirty.

15. have flowers every month - Bought myself these pink gerberas. Having flowers makes me happy.

16. read a new book every month - I finished the book I started in July, and started Monsoon
17. learn 5 spanish words a month - sort of.
  • What time is it?
  • Eggs
23. Have a picnic - At carcross Desert. And flew my kite.

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