Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taxi Tote

Happy Weekend! Last night and this morning I was working on my Taxi Tote, a pattern out of Seams to Me. It came out pretty cute, a bit bigger than I was expecting, but a nice bag size. I created an extra pocket inside with slots for 3 credit cards (I am constanting losing my credit cards in my purse). I think it will be an excellent size for travelling, its all ready for the trip to Europe I am planning.

I spent my afternoon trying to practice with my camera for this week assignment for Maggie Holmes photography class. (On a positive note, I am now shooting in Manual Mode - yay!) My camera was driving me completely insane, so I had a mini break down. I am recovering now and getting ready for my next sewing project! Hopefully will be back tomorrow to share that one! Thanks for visiting!

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