Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good Morning! Today I am happy happy because last night I finished making a little journal, and I taught myself a new method of binding. Journals are one of my favorite things, so I love making them and finding new ways to make them!
I saw the quote on my Auntie Kim's blog, and I loved it so much I had to use it on something!

This morning I am busy playing with my camera. I am taking Maggie Holmes photography class, and this is the first week.

I am hoping to play along with Dawn's color challenge this week, so hopefully will have something cute to share in the next couple of days.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Wow! it looks great! I learned that binding off the internet too....hmmm... now I'm not sure what our next project will be. I am sure we will think of something. Maybe we should go on a photo shoot together or something! I am supposed to know on Monday or Tuesday about my course. I will let you know.