Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Surprising Yourself

I was feeling uninspired and didn't know what to work on, I forced myself to just sit down and doodle something. I had some random photographs from my trip to Uganda laying around on my desk, so I just started drawing an elephant. Much to my surprise, instead of the cutesy and doodley animals that normally come out, I had a (somewhat) realistic looking elephant on my page. And I quite liked him. And now I'm feeling inspired again. It's a lovely feeling when you can surprise yourself. 


  1. Your elephant is lovely. Beautiful eyes and I love the lines on the body. I am glad you are inspired again! I understand that feeling, and am struggling a bit lately too. Too bad we didn't live closer we could get together for an art play date! (Maybe in February when I am off work for a month!)

  2. I love your elephant, and that you surprised yourself. I agree it is a wonderful feeling when you surprise yourself with something you accomplish!