Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fabulous Faces Week 6

This week I worked on the 6th (and final) week of Fabulous faces. This week was about incorporating collage, and other background layering techniques. I decided to go back to the three quarter portrait, as that seems to be the one most challenging for me.
I'm pretty happy with the end product. And really happy with what I've learned from Fabulous Faces. 


  1. looks great Briana - I am glad you are happy with what you have learned from the course - I am not surprised at all that you could create these lovely faces though, as I knew you could before you even started to do it. I also love the sketches below, especially the bubble head girl. Now go out and draw/paint whatever you want - - - you CAN you know!!!

  2. I love it, she's beautiful, and the colors, collage and quote are all wonderful too! Glad you enjoyed the course, I've enjoyed seeing your fabulous faces.