Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ceiling Fan Seed Pods

Whoever built my house must have got an amazing deal on ceiling fan light fixtures, because almost every room in my house has one (and we live in the far north, where even in the summer its not really hot). I had seen some beautiful zentangle-doodled ceiling fan blades, and I've been meaning to do something fun with my fan blades for some time now.

Then all of a sudden, the perfect plan. Spoonflower's Wall Decals.

I modified my existing seed pod pattern, since my ceiling fans are white, I didn't want to use cream in my design. And I love it with the new color scheme. More

than the original maybe. So I ordered it. And because I'm cheap, I always go for the cheapest shipping option. Which in my experience with Spoonflower, means my order will arrive approximately a month after I order it. So I waited, and wondered how I was going to last a month until I could see this decal on my ceiling fans.

To my complete amazement, my decals showed up the same week I ordered them! They rolled into my office on Friday afternoon (in this gorgeous spoonflower tube), ready for a little Friday evening craft.
The material is amazing, and it always brings me great joy to see my patterns in real life, on real things. An hour or so later, I have cute ceiling fan blades. They bring me much joy, as does the remaining amount of decal I have to make something else beautiful.



  1. Wow - I love it! Mom

  2. Your designs are amazing, and yes how fun to see it daily on your fans!!! Love it too!

  3. Wow, oh wow! Look who's been so creative here! Painting the blades of the ceiling fan is a great way to give it a new look, but you convinced me that there is another way to revamp it. :) This will be perfect for my little Ricky. He loves Pikachu so much, and I don't think I can paint that on the ceiling fan in his room now, can I? I'm excited to try this now. Thank you, Briana! Staci Severns

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