Monday, January 2, 2012

dancing honu's and other doodles

Happy 2012!
Most of my free time lately has been spent getting ready for the big Africa Adventure. Only four more sleeps. This morning I did a pre-pack, and it went really well. So I took a bit of time to paint some honu's (Hawaiian word for turtle).

I had watercolor painted this background when we were in Hawaii, and I knew I wanted to add some little swimming honu's, but didn't have the supplies with me.

So I painted some quick turtle shapes with white acrylic paint

Then added some paint accents in blues and greens.

And some sharpie lines.

I've also been working on some other watercolor doodles, with some awesome new watercolor brush pens I got for christmas.

I've been playing with something else, trying to get it done before I leave, but its not really going as planned...we'll see what becomes of that. 

(Apologies for the assortment of photos, much of my camera equipment is already packed, so I was struggling through today using my cellphone and different lenses for my photos). 

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  1. All looking great! I especially love the honu's. Have a great trip... I look forward to hearing about and seeing images of your trip. (I also got some awesome watercolour pens for Christmas! - we will have to play together when you get back!)