Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wow time is flying. Everything is happening so quickly now. I turned 23. I moved into my first house a week earlier than expected. I've been packing, unpacking, putting together furniture, rearranging furniture, creating a studio, buying curtains and all sorts of other fabulous/stressful/never ending things that seem to have taken me away from the crafty world. I do have some photos of my studio in progress to share soon.
Last year, I made 22 goals for my 22nd year. About a month ago, I realized that I was just about 23, and I hadnt completed all my goals yet. But it's been a pretty fantastic year anyways. I didn't stop biting my nails. I didn't have champagne and strawberries for breakfast. But I did some awesome things that weren't on my list. I bought a house, learned to trust again, rode a mechanical bull, and went kite flying. When the move is over, I am going to get the pictures printed off and get to archiving the past year.
I decided I would try the goal thing again this year. Somethings last year were too vague to be measured. Like, smile more. I think I smiled more because I think I was happier. But it's a hard one to say, "Yes, I did that", Checkmark. This year, on some things I've decided to add the goal of doing it once per month, so I can actually start living my life the way I want.
23 Goals:
  1. Train to run 5K
  2. Go on safari
  3. Sell at a craft fair
  4. Take one picture on manual mode every month
  5. go parasailing
  6. Give back
  7. Cook or bake something new every month
  8. get fake nails
  9. Organize your life
  10. create an etsy store
  11. eat more fruits and vegetables
  12. drive standard
  13. go to san francisco
  14. go rafting
  15. have flowers every month
  16. read a new book every month
  17. learn 5 spanish words a month
  18. go to the spa
  19. hike the chilkoot
  20. try out buddhism
  21. get into a first class lounge
  22. go rockclimbing
  23. have a picnic
So far, its going good. Tonight I am making pasta for dinner that will count as my new cooking thing for July. I am this close to booking my safari trip. And I have my July flowers.

I am so excited for 23. Life is wonderful, and it's going to be a fantastic year.

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  1. Yah for you! I love your 23 list....maybe I should make a 50 list for my 50 year! I am so very glad you are happy, I can't wait to see your new house, and to spend some time crafting with you again. Sorry I didn't talk to you on your B'day. I sang to you - did you hear it?? I remember so clearly the day you were born, although I was rafting many miles away. Best wishes for this year... and keep on smiling more!
    Blessings - AK