Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Okay MY bags arn't packed, but I'm ready to go home for christmas! 1 more week. One of my cousins is going travelling to New Zealand in the New Year, so for christmas we are giving her some New Zealand cash. I hate giving cash in a plain boring envelope, so I wanted something travel themed. But I also wanted something simple, in case she just chucks it in the trash. I came up with a simple little suitcase in brown and orange (her favorite colors). Unwind the string and the top opens up.

On Another Note, my dream studio:

she even has a mini kitchen in there!

I guess to be fair she actually teaches classes from her studio...but I am so jealous.

Ugh I am too tired tonight to craft, but tomorrow is my day off. YAY! Thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. It is lovely Briana - I am sure the cousin will love it and appreciate you making it. I believe I know which cousin it is for.... I have been too busy to create much lately. Can't wait to see you though....